New Scandinavian Voices – Henrik Nor-Hansen & Pernille Wass for Maria Gerhardt

All Saint’s Vicarage Gardens & Hall

Sunday 12 May

11.45am, £6

 thumbnail pernille nordisk

Nordisk Books are a new Whitstable based independent publisher focusing on contemporary Scandinavian literature, showing the UK that there’s more to Nordic literature than crime novels.

Norwegian author Henrik Nor-Hansen is the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize nominated author of ‘Termin’ exploring the human condition through a distant and unusual stylistic voice.

The late Danish author Maria Gerhardt who died of cancer in 2017, wrote the acclaimed ‘Transfer Window’, which reimagines the wealthy area of North Zealand as a walled hospice for the terminally ill. Maria will be represented by Pernille Wass, who was her editor.










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