The Crown: Truth & Fiction – Hugo Vickers & Andrew Lownie

The Whitstable School

Thursday 16 April


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A fascinating insight into the real stories behind The Crown from two expert historians; Hugo Vickers and Andrew Lownie.  They will discuss their respective books, The Crown Dissected, and The Mountbattens, shedding a compelling perspective into the lives of the modern Royal Family.

Hugo Vickers – The Crown Dissected

Hugo Vickers is an acknowledged authority on the British Royal Family. He has commented on royal matters on television and radio since 1973 and worked as historical adviser on a number of films. He is the author of books on the Queen Mother, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Andrew of Greece (Prince Philip’s mother) and Queen Mary all of whom are featured in the popular Netflix show, The Crown.

In this sequel to The Crown: Truth & Fiction Vickers separates fact from fiction in season 3 of this television series. Episode-by-episode analysis dissects the plots, characterisation and historical detail in each storyline. Vickers tells us what really happened and what certainly did not happen.
The Crown: Dissected also includes commentaries on seasons 1 and 2.

Andrew Lownie – The Mountbattens, Their Lives and Loves

The intimate story of a unique marriage that spans the heights of glamour and power to infidelity, manipulation and disaster through the heart of the 20th century.

DICKIE MOUNTBATTEN: A major figure behind his nephew Philip’s marriage to Queen Elizabeth II and instrumental in the Royal Family taking the Mountbatten name, he was Supreme Allied Commander of South East Asia during World War II and the last Viceroy of India.

EDWINA MOUNTBATTEN: Once the richest woman in Britain and a playgirl who enjoyed numerous affairs, she emerged from World War II as a magnetic and talented humanitarian worker loved around the­ world.

From British high society to the South of France, from the battlefields of Burma to the Viceroy’s House, The Mountbattens is a rich and filmic story of a powerful partnership, revealing the truth behind a carefully curated legend.

Based on over 100 interviews, research from dozens of archives and new information released under Freedom of Information requests, prize-winning historian Andrew Lownie sheds new light on­ this remarkable couple.






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